Translations & Interpretations of the
Surviving Texts of the Western
Astrological Tradition

Robert Schmidt

The life-long work of Robert H. Schmidt and
Ellen Black of Project Hindsight.

The Robert Schmidt Astrology website houses 400+ hours of lectures exploring Hellenistic Astrology. 

Below is Bob's intentional order of lectures, meant to best prepare the student. 

Included in Audio Archive subscription:

  1. The Phase Lectures
  2. Discourse on Method: An Overview of Hellenistic Astrology
  3. General Principles of Hellenistic Delineation
  4. The Einstein Intensives (42 hours on the analysis of Einstein's natal chart using Hellenistic Astrology techniques.)
  5. Translating Astrology into a Modern Idiom Part I & 2
  6. Behind the Scenes
  7. Saturnalia
  8. Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit
  9. The Hermetic Lots: The Hellenistic Gateway to the Soul
  10. Planetary Configurations: Aspect and Testimony
  11. Image and Original
  12. and more!

House System Conversation

12 hours of audio

Available as individual purchase and *Included in the Audio Archive*

House System Conversation

Important Announcement

With the recent passing of Robert Schmidt's wife, Ellen Black, the estate and works of these brilliant people has been passed on to Ted and Kathryn Higson. We (Jon and Tara Baklund) created this Robert Schmidt Astrology site to help bring Robert's work to the world as well as provide extra income to Ellen for their life's work. We are now working with Ted and Kathryn to take the work to the next point. Here's an important message from the Higsons:


Our Project Hindsight domain ( that we have owned since 1999 has been stolen. We are investigating this theft with Network Solutions and an attorney specializing in this type of crime. While we wait to regain access to our domain, we are operating the Project Hindsight website from the domain, and will build out content in the coming days.
Further, any unauthorized publication of materials from the Ellen Black and Robert Schmidt Estate - whether audio, video, print, or previously published books - will face legal action from Project Hindsight, LLC


Whither & Whence: A Comparison of Ancient and Modern Astrology

The Astrological Tradition

This six-hour workshop provides an introduction to ancient astrology by comparing and contrasting its concepts to those of modern astrology.

Free Preview - Why Learn Hellenistic Astrology, Robert Schmidt, & Project Hindsight

NEW! Greek Translations by Robert Schmidt

16 documents with 100's of pages of translations by Robert Schmidt.

Valens, Ptolemy and much more!

$9/month or $99/year

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Robert is no longer with us in the physical realm, but his work lives on through his archive of works and students.

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