The Archived Works of Robert Schmidt

Translations and interpretations of the surviving texts of the Western Astrological Tradition.

The life-long work of Robert H. Schmidt and Ellen Black of Project Hindsight.

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Available (in the order Robert recommended they be studied):

The Astrological Tradition Whither & Whence: Why Learn Hellenistic Astrology

This six-hour workshop provides an introduction to ancient astrology by comparing and contrasting its concepts to those of modern astrology.


Included in subscription:

1. The Phase Lectures

2. Discourse on Method: An Overview of Hellenistic Astrology

2. General Principles of Hellenistic Delineation

3. The Einstein Intensives (42 hours on the analysis of Einstein's natal chart using Hellenistic Astrology techniques.)

4. Translating Astrology into a Modern Idiom Part I  & 2

5. Behind the Scenes

6. Saturnalia

7. Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit

8. The Hermetic Lots: The Hellenistic Gateway to the Soul 

9. Planetary Configurations: Aspect and Testimony

10. Image and Original

More coming in 2022. Stay tuned for the announcements with the schedule!

More to come!

This is Bob's intentional order of lectures, meant to best prepare the student. Lecture release schedule is subject to change.

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Preserve Greek Astrology, 

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In addition to Astrology, there is fascinating content in the lectures on: Mathematics, Logic, Physics, Ancient Greek language and history, Philosophy.

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Robert "Bob" is no longer with us in the physical realm, but his work lives on through his archive of works here and through his students.

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