It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ellen Loer Black

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ellen Loer Black on May 10, 2023. Ellen was Robert H. Schmidt’s wife and lifelong research partner. Many Project Hindsight subscribers and lecture attendees in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia or Cumberland, Maryland will remember Ellen fondly. Ellen planned the events, cooked for the crowds, hosted with grace, and participated in the lectures and lively discussions. Ellen fulfilled two roles well; both the quintessential strong woman behind a great man, and an equal partner in a life’s work.

Born in Cumberland, Maryland in 1944, Ellen met Robert at St. John’s College in Annapolis where they were both the class of 1972. Both Ellen and Robert were heavily influenced by a teacher they became close with at St. John’s, Mr. Thomas MacDonald. Ellen often described the palpable relief she felt upon meeting Mr. MacDonald. She had been looking for a teacher like him all of her life. From St. John’s, Robert continued to study Greek mathematics, linguistics, and Ancient and German philosophy. Ellen recognized and appreciated Robert's bright light and expansive intellect, and orchestrated their life in order to support his unique path.

Ellen and Robert began investigating Greek astrology in the early 1990’s. Robert famously translated previously untranslated texts from the Hellenistic period, and the rest, as they say, is history. This initiated what became their life’s work. Through their organization Project Hindsight, Robert translated Ancient astrological work, reconstructed the lost art, and ultimately discovered the underlying cosmology informing the system.

After Robert’s death in 2018, Ellen continued her own research into the origins of Greek astrology. Though Ellen’s passing marks the end of an era, and the loss of a great friend, the team at Project Hindsight will continue to distribute Robert’s teachings and protect their joint legacy.

We ask that you consider contributing to our GoFundMe so that we can distribute this work for students into the future, preserve as yet unpublished work, and cover the expenses that come with death. Thank you for your continued support! 

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Translations & Interpretations of the
Surviving Texts of the Western
Astrological Tradition

Robert Schmidt

The life-long work of Robert H. Schmidt and
Ellen Black of Project Hindsight.

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The Robert Schmidt Astrology website houses 400+ hours of lectures exploring Hellenistic Astrology. 

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  1. The Phase Lectures
  2. Discourse on Method: An Overview of Hellenistic Astrology
  3. General Principles of Hellenistic Delineation
  4. The Einstein Intensives (42 hours on the analysis of Einstein's natal chart using Hellenistic Astrology techniques.)
  5. Translating Astrology into a Modern Idiom Part I & 2
  6. Behind the Scenes
  7. Saturnalia
  8. Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit
  9. The Hermetic Lots: The Hellenistic Gateway to the Soul
  10. Planetary Configurations: Aspect and Testimony
  11. Image and Original

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Robert is no longer with us in the physical realm, but his work lives on through his archive of works and students.

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