FATE: Allotment & Decree

October 18-20, 1996

This discussion centers on some of the ancient views on fate including, Heimarmene in Valens, ‘Anangke’, ‘Pronoia’, and ‘Tuche’ in the Corpus Hermeticum, ‘Kleros’, the Greek word for Lot, and ‘Moira’, the Greek word for an allotment. Fuller understanding of the ancient concepts of Fate reveal the special roles of the Lots (later in history called ‘Arabic Parts’) in ancient astrology. Connections are made between the oracular or omen part of astrology and the logical side to astrology.

Discussion of some ancient views on fate: Heimarmene in Valens; Heimarmene , Anangke , Pronoia, and Tuche in Corpus Hermeticum. Kleros, the Greek word for Lot; Moira, the Greek word for an allotment. What is the connection between allotment & decree? The root of the Latin word "fate" signifies both saying and appearing, as does the Greek word phasis. Distinction between logos & phasis. Givenness and announcement in our phenomenal experience. How to learn to re-experience omens as appearances that speak, four clues: chrema hinting at connection between use-object and oracle; what is given in experience; Lots as indicators of topics, dispositors as indicators of outcome and time; the Greek aspect word epimartureo. Lots as transformers of logos into phasis. Astrological places (houses) as omens. Prepositional adverbs as the key to understanding astrological spatiality or the system of the houses. Ptosis (falling) in the lot algorithms and as a grammatical term for case: the clue to the planetary joys. The philosophical condition of the possibility of prediction. Heimarmene, Anangke & Pronoia interpreted in terms of the appearance that speaks. Connection between Germanic words for allotment and history; the problem of history as a object of inquiry. The logoic and phasic significance of the poetic Greek names for the planets. The language of omens & the Stoic language of perception.

FATE: Allotment & Decree

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