In this intensive, Project Hindsight aims to discover the general principles behind delineations that survived from Hellenistic times. 

A quick review of these delineations shows combinations of the same planets produce declinations that are often different in benefit of malefic character according to various astrological concepts. Many of them are also anomalous by modern standards. For example, the Mars transit of Saturn is very beneficial. But the Venus transit of Jupiter is negative! 

The general delineation principles can often be inferred. To a large extent, these principles can then be confined by a study of the delineation text itself.

General Principles of Hellenistic Delineation

The first treats of:

  • The System of the 12 Houses of Astrology as an Articulation of the Fate Concept
  • The Hermetic Lots as the Manifestation of Chance in the Chart
  • Planets in the Astrological Houses as Administrators of Fate
  • How Planets are Qualitatively Modified in Signs

The next subject is planets in their various modes of combination:

  • Co-Presences of Planets in a Sign (stellia) and Co-Rulerships of a Given Topic as based on the inherent Friendship or Hatred of the Planets for One Another
  • Aspects as Testimony of One Planet for or against Another, a fundamental act of cognition interpreted in the concert human setting of the courtroom
  • Applications and Separations of the Moon in terms of the Pollution or Purification of the Will, Malevolent & Benevolent Intent
  • Planets in the Domiciles of Other Planets explicated in terms of the Soul’s Power of Action as motivated by the Strangeness or Familiarity of the environment in which a planet finds itself
  • Transits as the Remembrance of One Planet by Another, as concretized by human acts of Gratitude & Forgiveness, accounting for the Persistence of the Natal Chart
  • Time-lord Combinations  as the Articulation of the Soul’s Experience of Time illustrated by the human activity of Counting & Recounting.

There is also some discussion of the:

  • Corresponding Medieval Doctrines, particularly in the area of Transit Delineation and the mutual Friendship & Hatred of the Planets
  • And TWO IMPORTANT PHILOSOPHICAL DIGRESSIONS which concern the Hellenistic Understanding of the Soul as the “astral body” or Astral Substance, and cautions about using the form/matter concept in combining Planetary Energies.

Everything in these recordings came from Project Hindsight research. If you refer to this material in lectures or writings, please cite Project Hindsight as the source.

General Principles of Hellenistic Delineation

22 hours of audio

    1. General Principles 1A

    2. General Principles 1B

    3. General Principles 2A

    4. General Principles 2B

    5. General Principles 3A

    6. General Principles 3B

    7. General Principles 4A

    8. General Principles 4B

    9. General Principles 5A

    10. General Principles 5B

    11. General Principles 6A

    12. General Principles 6B

    13. General Principles 7A

    14. General Principles 7B

    15. General Principles 8A

    16. General Principles 8B

    17. General Principles 9A

    18. General Principles 9B

    19. General Principles 10A

    20. General Principles 10B

    21. General Principles 11A

    22. General Principles 11B

    23. General Principles 12A

    24. General Principles 12B

    25. General Principles 13A

    26. General Principles 13B

    27. General Principles 14A

    28. General Principles 14B

    29. General Principles 15A

    30. General Principles 15B

    31. General Principles 16A

    32. General Principles 16B

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