A Natural History of Time

June 14-16, 1996

In this workshop, Robert Schmidt seeks first to restore the original experience of Time in ancient astrology and philosophy; secondly, to distinguish it carefully from the modern scientific view; and, finally, to reach an accommodation of ancient temporality within modern thought.  These are necessary preliminary steps for a ‘rehabilitated’ modern astrology.

THE problem of time for the ancients: distinguishing between time & change.  How modern physics has obliterated the distinction.  The Greek view: Time as number (Archytas, Plato & Aristotle), as moment (Corpus Hermeticum).  The original modern mathematical views: Time as substance (Newton), as relation (Leibniz), as form of intuition (Kant).  The ancient Indo-European conceptualization of time as stretch.  Time in the verb (tense & tension).  Time & Consciousness (intentionality).  The dyadic character of time.  Time & Eternality.  The arrow of time.  Clock Time.   The filling of time and other modes of temporality.  Relation of space to time.  Time in each of the worlds (the Aion, mathematical time, moment, resentment & regret for the past and hope & anxiety for the future, aspect tense) and their planetary correlations.  Astrological time-lords as lords of temporal modalities, entraining events.  Spatial & temporal fields: “and” and “or” as “glue” for the manifold.  The problem of astrological causation.  Time & historical Consciousness.

A Natural History of Time

25 hours of audio

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