A Natural History of Time

December 13-15, 1996

Focusing further on the scientific and philosophical part of the PHASE investigation, Schmidt draws upon Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Aristotle’s Metaphysics for a possible scientific framework for astrological causation. Modern mathematics and fractal dimensions are used to deal with intensification of qualities and the type of space and time relevant to astrological theory. The Light Metaphysics of medieval thinker Robert Grossteste is also introduced in discussion of the spacial and temporal fields of astrology.

An overview of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason: the formal & material components in our knowledge and experience; that experience must conform to our knowing; table of judgments & pure concepts; spatial & temporal manifolds and schematism; aggregation & coalescence, homogeneity & heterogeneity; intensive magnitude as coalescence of homogeneous parts. Dimensionality, topology, geometry & curvature of as extensional characteristics of the spatial field; the intensive components of the spatial field. Temporal fields and fields of consciousness; their intensive & "extensive" (or intentional) components: emotions & moods, premises & conclusions, etc. Planetary consciousness and its unique synthesizing of the temporal manifold, where the events we experience must conform to that consciousness, time-lords; pertinence to the question of astrological causation. The nature of logarithms. Fractal dimension interpreted as measure of intensive magnitude using notion of coalescence; application to Koch curves and Cantor dusts. Light Metaphysics of Robert Grossteste and the original construction of a manifold. The manifoldness of the different worlds derived directly from principles of Same & Other; formal principles imposed on those manifolds to create fields. The two "mathematical" problems for a "scientific" account of astrological causation in terms of fields: distinguishing spatial & temporal fields; mathematizing intensification. The interaction of temporal intensification with intentionality in astrological causation.

Astrology and the Fields of Consciousness

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    1. Astrology and the Fields of Consciousness

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    16. Fields of Consciousness 8A

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