Astrology and the Rehabilitation of the Sciences: Logic, Mathematics & Physics

July 16-23, 1995

Overture lectures given at the 2nd PHASE Conclave, arguing that Logic, Mathematics and Physics will have to be totally refurbished and rehabilitated before they can deal adequately with the question of Astrology.   The response to these talks led to the introduction of the PHASE Lecture series.

In three lectures given at the second phase conclave, Robert Schmidt shows that the fundamental concepts in logic, mathematics, and physics would need to be radically transformed in order to deal fairly with the phenomenon of astrology.  Because of its foundations, modern scientific thought is committed to the sacrifice of aliveness, soul, and even consciousness itself for what it conceives to be logical rigor.  Challenging the unquestioned assumptions on which the science of today is based, Schmidt demonstrates that other sets of assumptions lead in vastly different directions.  In these lectures he lays the foundation of an alternative philosophy that combines logical and philosophical rigor with “soul-friendly” principles, showing how it is possible to make room for soul, consciousness, and divinity in a philosophical framework that is plausible and compelling.

Astrology and the Rehabilitation of the Sciences

10 hours of audio

    1. Astrology and the Rehabilitation of the Sciences: Logic, Mathematics & Physics

    2. Astrology & Logic 1A

    3. Astrology & Logic 1B

    4. Astrology & Logic 2A

    5. Astrology & Logic 2B

    6. Astrology & Mathematics 1A

    7. Astrology & Mathematics 2A

    8. Astrology & Mathematics 1B

    9. Astrology & Mathematics 2B

    10. Astrology & Physics 1A

    11. Astrology & Physics 2A

    12. Astrology & Physics 1B

    13. Astrology & Physics 2B

    14. Astrology & Physics 3A

    15. Astrology & Physics 3B

  • 15 lessons