Being and the Zodiac

September 20-22, 1996

Ancient astrologers had a view of the relationship between the planets and the signs (zoidion) which differs from those of modern astrologers.  Investigation in the nature of the zoidion leads to perhaps the most profound problem in metaphysics, the question of Being.  Schmidt returns to the concepts of Phasis (an appearance that speaks) and Logos, as well as the Stoic concept of oikeiosis (familiarization) to deal with the three strata of Hellenistic Astrology: Ptolemaic (scientific), Stoic (philosophic), and Egyptian (divinatory).

The question of Being in ancient times and the problem of the zoidion. The three strata of Hellenistic Astrology: Ptolemaic (scientific), Stoic (philosophical), Egyptian (divinatory like). The Aristotelean prime movers move the planets by being loved. The number of planetary motions correlated to number of Ideas. Can the Ideas be correlated to the constellations, providing a link between Being & the zodiac? Exposition of zoidion as image, living thing, place. Rulership as authority over planets in a sign, not the sign itself. The meaning of the dignities for the Greeks, Arabs, and Roger Bacon. Exposition of Stoic concept of familiarization (oikeiosis), the manner in which a sign is related to a planet via dispositorship. The English word "like" and how it shows the deep relationship between resemblance, what is pleasing through familiarity, and a living thing. Exposition of Greek word chrematistikos as active, negotiatory (useful), oracular; paralleled by Greek words for astrological causation. Transformation of use-object into something present at hand, the precondition of all scientific inquiry. Signs can only be signs when they are places of listening. Phasis as the appearance that speaks, its connection with poetic planetary names. The proper characteristics of the signs according to Ptolemy: qualitative vs quantitative considerations. Oracular appearance as a question. Planetary indicator vs dispositor as phasis vs logos. The nature of the Aristotelean primary qualities.

Being and the Zodiac

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