Celestial Grammar: Logos

January 17-19, 1997

Hellenistic astrology provides a great starting point for investigating how we come to know anything. Astrology is a language with a special type of celestial grammar which can provide the standard for natural languages. Schmidt returns to concepts such as oikeiosis (familiarization) and little but profound words such as “it” and “is” which are involved in the connection of the signs to the planets, the subject to the verb, Being to Man. He also draws upon sources such as Heidegger’s appropriation and Aristotle’s prime mover, and relates them to the Greek concept of oikeiosis and astrology.

The description of the motion of the Same & Other in the Timaeus as a cosmological model for Celestial Grammar, with the motion of Same as Subject, motion of Other as verb. Planets as imperfect logoi: “it Saturns.” Signs as imperfect logoi: “Capricorn is.” Some grammatical considerations and Greek grammatical terminology. Celestial grammar as the standard for natural languages. The “is” and the proper characteristics of the signs in terms of aspect temporality; modification of planets in signs. The “it” and spatial reference; connection with signs as places (houses). Dispositorship and the Form/Matter distinction. Discussion of meanings of eidos and oikos. A better approach via familiarization, which properly relates Capricorn to Saturn. Its connection with prime mover discussion in Aristotle. Familiarization as prototypical middle voice activity, and the proper relating of Same & Other in logos. Special essences of the planets in familiarization. Dwelling as familiarization. Acknowledgment of signs by planets; meaning of “thank you.” Decans as grammatical person in the complete conjugation of verb. Appropriation of Being & Man to each other in Heidegger. Philosophical grammar. The “it is,” and transition to phasic grammar.

Celestial Grammar: Logos

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