Coincidence: Synchronicity, Seriality & Chance

April 20-21, 1996

Robert Schmidt presents a fresh view on coincidence and astrology.  Different views of chance such as Kammerer’s seriality and Jung’s synchronicity are presented and looked at in the context of the problem of astrology.

A new look at the nature of coincidence, and its bearing on astrology, science, and daily life.  What kind of phenomena are astrological?   Distinguishing different kinds of coincidence.  The concept of an event in classical astrology.  Chance & Heimarmene in Greek thought.  Critique of Jung’s concept of Synchronicity and of the modern scientific definition of Chance.  Coincidence as repetition: a way of studying it “scientifically” based on the work of Paul Kammerer.  The mesocosm as the proper stage for coincidence.  The prevalence of coincidence in daily life.  A criterion for distinguishing whether astrological events are synchronistic or causal.  A new explanation of psycho-physical parallelisms.  How Chance, Seriality and Synchronicity are related to each other.

Coincidence: Synchronicity, Seriality & Chance

12 hours of audio

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    1. COINCIDENCE: Synchronicity, Seriality, & Chance

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