This six-hour workshop provides an introduction to ancient astrology (Hellenistic) by comparing and contrasting its concepts to those of modern astrology.

    1. Table of Rulerships

    2. Table of Monomoria

    3. Table of Klimata

    4. Table of Hellenistic Ascensional Times - Systems A & B for Alexandria and Babylon

    5. Table of Ascensional Times - Ptolemaic

    6. Diagram of the 12 Topical Places (Houses)

    7. Diagram of Topical Good & Bad Places and Dynamical Strong & Weak Places

    8. Diagram of Configurations

    9. Diagram of Mitigating Configurations

    10. Diagram of Lot Construction

    11. Diagram of the Solar Phase Cycle

    12. Planetary Glyphs from Ancient Papyri

    13. Copy of Learn more!

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