Heidegger at our House Party

June 20-21, 1997

During the course of an exciting weekend, Robert Schmidt leads a Heideggerian phenomenological approach to the astrologer’s experience.  What is the nature of intuition and the moment of insight when reading a chart (or any moment of insight)?  In our experience of this moment of insight reveals itself to consciousness, is it fleeing back into concealment or approaching?  One meaning of Logos is unconcealment.  Schmidt examines Heidegger’s approach to this moment or unconcealment, the opening in the forest, the moment of appropriation.

Robert Schmidt parallels the Heideggerian model of the relation of Being and man through appropriation to a model of the relationship of Signs (Zoidia) and Planets. The Hellenistic word used for this relation, familiarization (oikeosis), is akin to Heidegger's appropriation. Astrology as a celestial language (logos and phasis) may be the vehicle for the relation of Being and man. The listeners/participants of this magnificent talk are lead into the concepts of Being and Time, presence and absence, the gifts of Being as beings (for philosophers of the ages these are concepts such as Logos, Idea, One, Energeia, Immanent Will, etc.) and the gifts of the zoidia through planets' temporal course.

Heidegger at our House Party

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