The Gateway to a complete Hellenistic Theory of Personality 

Recorded November 7th - 10th 2008 in Cumberland, MD

Almost all modern computer programs display the Lot of Fortune (a.k.a. “Part” of Fortune) in a chart. Some of you may have even heard about the Lot of Spirit, the companion lot to the Lot of Fortune. But... 

  • Do you know what the Lot of Fortune represents? 
  • Do you know what to do with it? 
  • Wouldn’t you like to know how to interpret it in a chart? 
  • Did you know that these 2 lots are part of 7 seven primary lots set out in a book by Hermes Trismegistos titled “Paragon”? 

Robert Schmidt addresses these questions and other issues in the "Hermetic Lots" Intensive.

 Synopsis of intensive: 

Schmidt posits the quality of soul conforms to the native’s choice of life in Hellenistic astrology. This is the reverse of modern astrological thinking. He proceeds to put the Hermetic lots into their proper setting as a “window on the soul.” He explains how the lots play an essential role in the Hellenistic astrological study of the psychology of the native and differentiating the general soul type determined by the rising sign and its lord. 

At the beginning of his presentation, Schmidt painstakingly resolves a problem he noticed many years ago with the reversal of the calculation of these lots for night births. Properly calculated, they constitute a special class of lots binding the planets and the two lights together in beautiful symmetry. 

Schmidt contrasts the roles of the two principal Hermetic lots - the Lot of Fortune and the Lot of Spirit. He distinguishes events that motivate our actions and events that are the consequences of our actions. He also explains the reason behind dividing the remaining lots into two categories: fortune and spirit lots. 

Schmidt dedicates a good amount of time discussing the seven Hermetic lots in detail and the associated realm of human existence. This information helps us to integrate the lot analysis with other factors in a natal chart. 

Schmidt then moves on to chart interpretation. He: 

  • characterizes the role played by the lord of the lot 
  • emphasizes the importance of Fortune houses (houses reckoned from the Lot of Fortune rather than the Ascendant) 
  • makes use of his newly-restored concept to distinguish: rational responses to impulses that lead to action, responses based on habit, and impulses that exist in a “blind spot” in our consciousness. 

With this as a guide, Schmidt examines the Hermetic lots in natal charts from volunteers in the class. The readings intended to illustrate astrological lots discussed but offered intriguing, demonstrative results. 

As usual, Schmidt drops in bits of Hellenistic astrology lore and interpretation throughout. 

The intensive also contains four surprise evening lectures. We will leave you in suspense about these. The last one, in particular, energized the audience.

Hermetic Lots Intensive

21.8 hours of audio and 44 page non-downloadable document

    1. Supplemental Materials (not downloadable)

    2. 01.Intro

    3. 02. Calculation 1

    4. 03. Calculation 2

    5. 04. Questions 1

    6. 05. Astro grammar

    7. 06. Tuche 1

    8. 07. Tuche 2

    9. 08. Spirit and Fortune

    10. 09. Upward path

    11. 10. Meanings

    12. 11. Interpretation 1

    13. 12. Trigon lords

    14. 13. Interpretation 2

    15. 14. Interpretation 3

    16. 15. Interpretation 4

    17. 16. Thema Mundi

    18. 17. Postscript

    19. Additional Resources

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