Celestial Grammar: Phasis

March 28-30, 1997

What does it mean for astrology to be a language? In this continued investigation into celestial grammar, Robert Schmidt looks at the very metaphysics of verbal structures as seemingly simple as “It Is” and relates them to the planets and the signs. He borrows clues from works such as Plato’s Sophist and Timaeus, and Heidegger’s Being and Time to understand the temporal and spacial nature to both grammar and astrology. As a counterpart to “Celestial Grammar: Part I Logos”, Schmidt reintroduces the concept of ‘phasis’, an appearance that speaks, as the omen-like component to astrological language.

Logos and phasis - point of contact between scientific and esoteric traditions. First and last appearances of ideas (heliacal rising/setting). Asking questions of the chart. Grammatical case for omens. Stoic theory of perception - linguistic component. True phasis and apparent phasis. Different appearances and speakings of the planets. Poetic names of the planets. Plato's Timaeus - Motions of same (diurnal) and other (ecliptic) of the planets. "It is" - diurnal and ecliptic motions together; relating of Same and Dyad. Appropriation as relation of signs and planets. Deriving Person out of logos. Person - decanates as prosposon (face, person). Ptosis - 'falling' or grammatical case. What does it mean to "decline" a noun? Articles - place where entity makes its first announcement. Lot as announcement by first appearing at Ascendant. Heidegger's "It" is, appropriation (familiarization, same like). Nature of questions. Who, where, when, why are derived from what. 'What' creates time and place for phasic appearance and announcement. Houses are the "what" and "it". Astrologers' relation to the Celestial Animal mirrors significator to indicator relationship.

Celestial Grammar: Phasis

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