The Same & The Other

July 5-7, 1996

This workshop begins with discussion of two primary philosophical concepts which are critical to an understanding of Hellenistic astrology - logos and phasis.  Schmidt encourages investigation of first principles that underlie experience of the world including Plato’s Same & Other, and Aristotle’s Form & Matter.

Distinction of logos & phasis.  Hellenistic Astrology as the juncture of logos and phasis traditions.  Seeing vs. Hearing in the phenomena.  Tracing logos & phasis back to Same & Other.   Same & Other as common denominator for comparing Eastern & Western thought; also as tools for discussing distinction between masculine & feminine, active & passive, subject & object, the simple sentence.  As introduced by Plato against the background of pre-Socratics; Pythagorean list of opposites.  How the first principles cannot be contraries.  Absolute and relative Same & Other.  Connection between Same-as & Self; Other-than & Dyad.  The Dyad in detail.  The historical loss of the Dyad as principle.  Problem of relating Same & Other, their irreducibility and non-numerability.  The Dyad as Evil.  Form & Matter and Aristotle’s approach.  Intensification and Intentionality.  Qualities & intensive magnitude.  The four kinds of opposites under the Dyad.  Derivation of the Platonic worlds from Same & Other; the collective unconscious as a world.  The imperfection of these worlds.  The world of consciousness, or Logos as proper relating of Same & Other.   Correlation of planets with the worlds.   Analysis of world-schematism in terms of essence & existence; standing firm, standing under, and standing forth.  Intertwining of essence & existence in connection with person as object of intention, and mask as final supported image.  Complexity of male/female distinction in terms of world schematism.   Correlation of faculties of soul with different worlds and planets.  The experience of logos & phasis, and their interconnection.  Stillness & Quietude and proper Logos.

The Same & The Other

12 hours of audio

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