Recorded at the "Nine Day Wonder" Houseparty in Cumberland, MD July 1st - 9th, 2000.

Schmidt previously presented Hellenistic astrology as a complete "event-oriented" predictive system. BUT he breaks new ground in this workshop. 

He adapts ancient astrology to meet some of the requirements of modern astrology. Among other issues, he draws out the esoteric or "spiritual" dimensions of the system. He then provides a rigorous treatment of the personality from a Hellenistic perspective. Next, he integrates the outer planets into the Hellenistic framework. Lastly, he presents this new paradigm to make this system manageable and comprehensible. 


  • Hellenistic astrology as a theoretical construct. 
  • The original Hellenistic planetary glyphs and the various modes by which they symbolize planets. 
  • The esoteric interpretation of the seven Hermetic lots. 
  • The esoteric interpretation of the twelfth-parts. 
  • Integrating the outer planets into the Hellenistic framework. 
  • Grammatical and logical interpretation of the three grand approaches. 
  • The legal paradigm to understand concepts of the topical approach and time-lords, and the perspective of the cosmic consciousness. 
  • The Egyptian Decans as a self-contained predictive system. 
  • The later integration of the decans into the Hellenistic framework. 
  • The syncretic approach provides more detail for the topical approach, and the grammatical interpretation of the ruler, aspects, and planets on angles. 
  • The concepts of benefic/malefic modification worked into the legal paradigm. 
  • Fundamental meanings of the eight general or universal significant points in the chart. 
  • The general meaning of aspects to these significations. 
  • Delineation of different planets when they are dispositors to the general signification. 
  • Mitigation of aversion, aspects to dispositors, and climacteric times in the context of the general signification.

Translating Hellenistic Astrology Into a Modern Idiom

20 hours of audio

    1. Modern Idiom 1A

    2. Modern Idiom 1B

    3. Modern Idiom 2A

    4. Modern Idiom 2B

    5. Modern Idiom 3A

    6. Modern Idiom 3B

    7. Modern Idiom 4A

    8. Modern Idiom 4B

    1. Modern Idiom 5A

    2. Modern Idiom 5B

    3. Modern Idiom 6A

    4. Modern Idiom 6B

    5. Modern Idiom 7A

    6. Modern Idiom 7B

    7. Modern Idiom 8A

    8. Modern Idiom 8B

    1. Modern Idiom 9A

    2. Modern Idiom 9B

    3. Modern Idiom 10A

    4. Modern Idiom 10B

    5. Modern Idiom 11A

    6. Modern Idiom 11B

    1. Modern Idiom 12A

    2. Modern Idiom 12B

    3. Modern Idiom 13A

    4. Modern Idiom 13B

    5. Modern Idiom 14A

    6. Modern Idiom 14B

    7. Modern Idiom 15A

    8. Modern Idiom 15B

    9. Modern Idiom 16A

    10. Modern Idiom 16B

    1. Doctrine of the Personality 1A

    2. Doctrine of the Personality 1B

    3. Doctrine of the Personality 2A

    4. Doctrine of the Personality 2B

    1. System of the Planets 1A

    2. System of the Planets 1B

    3. System of the Planets 2A

    4. System of the Planets 2B

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